How to buy πŸ’Έ leveraged ETFs from Europe

If you are looking to invest in leveraged πŸ“ˆ or inverse ETFs from Europe, you’ll soon find that popular American products are not generally available through European brokers. Below I have compiled an overview of European leveraged and inverse ETFs, as alternatives to their popular πŸ¦… U.S. counterparts.

Though providers such as Direxion, ProShares, and VelocityShares offer many leveraged products for indexes, sectors, and commodities, such ETFs (and ETNs) cannot be offered to Europeans due to βš–οΈ PRIIPs regulations.

If no suitable European variants exist for your purposes, you can instead buy the U.S. ETFs directly through a U.S. based broker, even while residing in 🌍 Europe. Follow this link to learn more about this method.

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Overview of European leveraged and inverse ETFs

Please find below a compilation of popular U.S. leveraged and inverse ETFs along with their European alternatives.

IndexLeverageU.S. ETFEuropean alternative
S&P 5003x LongSPXL, UPROWisdomTree
2x LongSPUU, SSOXtrackers
1x ShortSPDN, SHXtrackers
2x ShortSDSXtrackers
3x ShortSPXS, SPXUWisdomTree
Nasdaq 1003x LongTQQQWisdomTree
2x LongQLDLyxor
3x ShortSQQQWisdomTree
Europe3x LongEURLWisdomTree
2x LongUPVLyxor
2x ShortEPVLyxor
Emerging Markets3x LongEDCWisdomTree
3x ShortEDZWisdomTree
FANG+3x LongFNGUGraniteShares
1x ShortGNAFGraniteShares
3x ShortFNGDGraniteShares
10Y U.S. Bonds3x LongTYDWisdomTree
2x ShortPSTLyxor

Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many products available to Europeans as to Americans. Thus many specific variants (such as 2x inverse) may be unavailable, sector ETFs are missing altogether, expense ratios πŸ’Ά may be higher in Europe, and you may have to deal with lower volume and ETFs only being offered on specific exchanges.

Alternative options for Europeans

Personally I am a big fan of leveraged ETFs, as I got inspired by Hedgefundie’s Excellent Adventure which utilizes ETFs such as TQQQ, UPRO, and TMF.

Additionally, I occasionally buy sector specific ETFs such as DFEN, πŸ’» SOXL, FAS, and YINN. Since none of these are available in Europe, I developed a method of buying them directly through a U.S. based broker. This will allow you to buy any U.S. domiciled ETF, even if you live in Europe. If you are interested in this method, you can find the guide here.

To obtain leverage on otherwise unleveraged stocks and ETFs, one could also consider the use of CFDs. For more information on that, check out my CFD guide.

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Do you know of any other suitable European alternatives? Leave a comment below and share your 🧠 knowledge!

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